♨︎ Kunst Cantine is a food collective based in Denmark with French roots. Combining expertises in design, architecture and food, Kunst Cantine creates self initiated or commissioned culinary spaces. Nurtured with collaborations and encounters with local players and producers, Kunst Cantine specializes in the art direction of eco-responsible installations and menus.


05. Rosa Brux

04. 3daysofdesign
03. Bouquetières
02. The Tarot Card
01. Piédestal
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Louise, Clémence and Anne founded Kunst Cantine in December 2018 ︎

We like to work with local suppliers, other creatives and inspiring venues ︎

We always look for new stories to tell.
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A multidisciplinary collective

Kunst Cantine is co-founded in 2018 by three French creatives with the desire to merge their interests in set design, textile, and food into culinary installations. 

Louise Hemmeth Manniche (1989)

Artist-cook graduated from Geneva University of Art and Design and from Ecole de Recherche Graphique, Brussels, Belgium. In 2012, she cofounded Rosa Brux, a research and exhibition space in Brussels where she participated in the management and the cultural programming. In 2016, she became head chef in Be-o, an organic restaurant in Marseille, France.

Clémence Wambergue (1987)

Architect and selfthaught chef, raised in the French countryside and educated from Architecture School La Villette in Paris since 2011. She worked for three years as an architect in Paris before moving to Denmark in 2014. She works on projects and events involving space, interior, design, food and lifestyle. In 2014, she founded the pop-up dinner concept Ne Pleure Plus, serving a 5 dishes French dinner to guests around the table of her apartment. Since 2017, she works as an architect at the Norvegian architecture and interor studio Valrygg Studio.

Anne Texier (1991)

Swiss knife designer who truly believes in merging disciplines. After exploring textile design at Duperré in Paris, she studied at Design Academy Eindhoven in The Netherlands with a semester in Graphic design at Rhodes Island School of Design in USA. In 2015, she moved to Denmark to be an intern at Henrik Vibskov. Since February 2020, she is a graphic designer and art director at Fredericia Furniture. She works hands on with textile design, graphic design, set design and art direction.