♨︎ Kunst Cantine is a Danish-based food collective with French roots. Combining expertise in design, architecture and food, we create generous family style buffets in close collaboration with art venues. Our menus are made with organic ingredients from local producers and served in carefully picked tableware with the aim of producing as little waste as possible.


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05. Rosa Brux

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03. Bouquetières
02. The Tarot Card
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Louise, Clémence and Anne founded Kunst Cantine in December 2018 ︎


We like to work with local suppliers, other creatives and inspiring venues ︎


We always look for new stories to tell.
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Cecilie Bahnsen

Braids, lace, layers, lightness and floral cut-outs are the signature of designer Cecilie Bahnsen. For the Global Fashion Summit, we have created a table in her honour. ︎

Rosa Brux

For the exhibition “Nous, saisonniers, saisonnières” at Le Commun in Geneva by Rosa Brux, Kunst Cantine dived into Portuguese, Spanish, Albanese, Italian and Yougoslavian traditional recipes to honor these 5 countries at the opening. ︎


For this annual design event, Kunst Cantine is invited to design a lunch at VALRYGG studio staging their collaboration with jot.jot and Snøhetta ︎


To celebrate the spring, Kunst Cantine will pick herbal plants and work with steam as a cooking principle ︎

The Tarot Card

On the occasion of Craig Martin Wood solo show, Kunst Cantine creates a culinary tarot card using the traditional tablecloth to map food as symbols  ︎