♨︎ Kunst Cantine is a Danish-based food collective with French roots. Rather than being caterers, we are a creative trio of chef, architect and designer creating tailor-made and simple family style buffets for special events. Our menus are made with seasonal organic ingredients from local producers and served in carefully picked tableware with the aim of producing as little waste as possible. ♨︎


07. V1 Gallery

06. Cecilie Bahnsen

05. Rosa Brux

04. 3daysofdesign
03. Bouquetières
02. The Tarot Card
01. Piédestal


We work with you to create a made-to-measure menu and design a buffet for a unique and special experience ︎


Louise, Clémence and Anne founded Kunst Cantine in December 2018 ︎


We like to work with local suppliers, other creatives and inspiring venues ︎


We always look for new stories to tell.
︎ bonjour@kunstcantine.com
 ☎︎ +45 31865504
︎ @kunstcantine

© Kunst Cantine 2023

Local suppliers  

Kunst Cantine cooks with seasonal and organic ingredients from suppliers based in Denmark:
Birkemosegård, Sjællands Odde
Vinkapellet, Samsø
∙Aurion, Hjørring

Unique venues

A space and the story it tells are the key point of our work. 
Blaa Galleri, Copenhagen
Sjællandsgade Bad, Copenhagen
∙Hôtel Saint Bonnet, Lozère, France

Photo: Marc Cellier


We are in a constant search for forms of cooking and staging to tell culinary stories. 
Kunst Cantine is based on merging disciplines, and will happily work in collaboration with craftsmen, artists and to the service of causes that matter to us.