♨︎ Kunst Cantine is a food collective based in Denmark with French roots. Combining expertises in design, architecture and food, Kunst Cantine creates self initiated or commissioned culinary spaces. Nurtured with collaborations and encounters with local players and producers, Kunst Cantine specializes in the art direction of eco-responsible installations and menus.


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Louise, Clémence and Anne founded Kunst Cantine in December 2018 ︎

We like to work with local suppliers, other creatives and inspiring venues ︎

We always look for new stories to tell.
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Nous, saisonniers, saisonnières... Genève, 1931-2019

For the opening of the exhibition initiated by the city of Geneva (CH) “Nous, saisonniers, saisonnières... Geneva, 1931-2019”, Kunst Cantine offered a buffet in honor of the five nationalities represented through the archives.
The buffet was presented on a hand embroidered tablecloth with emblematic and popular ingredients of the countries: corn, cheese, cabbage, olives, bread,...

After a beautiful speech by the mayor of Geneva and also one of the curators from Rosa Brux, Jeanne Gillard, a caldo verde were served with an albanese bukë (bread) that visitors were sharing with each other.
Always with a focus on the five countries traditions, the soup and the different snacks were presented in a collection of hand picked ceramic bowls and plates.

Photos: M.Wagnière.

Thank you to Rosa Brux and the helpers.
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