♨︎ Kunst Cantine is a Danish-based food collective with French roots. Rather than being caterers, we are a creative trio of chef, architect and designer creating tailor-made and simple family style buffets for special events. Our menus are made with seasonal organic ingredients from local producers and served in carefully picked tableware with the aim of producing as little waste as possible. ♨︎


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We work with you to create a made-to-measure menu and design a buffet for a unique and special experience ︎


Louise, Clémence and Anne founded Kunst Cantine in December 2018 ︎


We like to work with local suppliers, other creatives and inspiring venues ︎


We always look for new stories to tell.
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Diner at Cecilie Bahnsen

Photos: Kunst Cantine

Nous, saisonniers, saisonnières... Genève, 1931-2019

For the opening of the exhibition initiated by the city of Geneva (CH) “Nous, saisonniers, saisonnières... Geneva, 1931-2019”, Kunst Cantine offered a buffet in honor of the five nationalities represented through the archives.
The buffet was presented on a hand embroidered tablecloth with emblematic and popular ingredients of the countries: corn, cheese, cabbage, olives, bread,...

After a beautiful speech by the mayor of Geneva and also one of the curators from Rosa Brux, Jeanne Gillard, a caldo verde were served with an albanese bukë (bread) that visitors were sharing with each other.
Always with a focus on the five countries traditions, the soup and the different snacks were presented in a collection of hand picked ceramic bowls and plates.

Photos: M.Wagnière.

Thank you to Rosa Brux and the helpers.
Thank you to our sponsors:




On the occasion of 3daysofdesign 2019, Kunst Cantine settles in the theatrical backyard of Valrygg studio to offer lunch to the press among the beautiful NCP/Snøhetta plastic recycled chairs.
The menu is thought as a snack: a giardiniera salad and herbs cream garnish a bao steamed bread, a lila infused limonade refreshes on this warm day, and the dessert invites to freely compose a pavlova.



The bouquetières were fresh flowers street sellers in Paris in the 18th century. These women were making crowns and selling bouquets. It is also a type of ceramic vase, which displays the flowers into a even composition.
There are regional formal specificities: the ones from Bretagne are conic or imitate a bagpipe instrument. Those from Marseille have a perforated top and flowery decor. Often these wall vases hang in houses with dried flower bouquets. 

To celebrate Automn, Kunst Cantine designed vases using the same formal principals to hang fresh plants and flowers picked on Nyord. In tribute to Sjællandsgade Bad public bath, Bouquetières is an event based on steam as a cooking principle.
The food and drinks are paired with a saunagus, a traditional Danish aromatherapy ceremony. Zenia, the saunagumester, put together a beautiful experience with oils of carrot seeds, lemon, coffee flowers, coriander, basilicum,...

William, a former chemist and a plant connoisseur, introduced us to the plants of the island Nyord that could be used in the herbal infusion. 
Together with him we picked verbascum flowers, clover flowers, nettles, rose hip,... Be it through their taste or their visual power, all the plants play a role in the experience of the infusion.


The Tarot Card

For its second edition at Blaa Galleri, Kunst Cantine is using the traditional tablecloth format to compose a culinary Tarot card.
On the occasion of Henry the Rabbit’s tarot cards exhibition, Kunst Cantine imagined a menu based on the symbolic elements of the tarot card La Lune.